What to do when a ballistic missile has been launched


Immediate Transmition of Information following a ballistic missile launch

 If a ballistic missile is launched it will take an extremely short time (less than 10 min) to strike.
 If there is a chance of a missile striking japan, the government will use the J-alert system to emit a special siren from the disaster prevention governmental wireless radios, and send out special messages and emails with emergency information.

What to do right away after receiving the message

If you are outside

 Please seek shelter in the nearest sturdy building or underground street/area as quickly as possible.

 If there are no suitable buildings nearby, hide your body in the shade of a larger object, or lay face down on the ground, protecting your head.

If you are inside

 Please stay far away from windows, if possible move to a room with no windows.   

  • (attention1)Please calmly follow all instructions being issued by the government.  
  • (attention2)For more detailed information, please click on the related links below.

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