City Flower: Chrysanthemum


Two varieties of chrysanthemums are grown and cherished in Hachinohe: Abokyu and Oshu-giku. Abokyu is an edible variety known for its exquisite flavor; Oshu-giku is an ornamental variety treasured for its dynamic beauty. (Designated: October 1972)

City Bird: Black-tailed Gull

black-tailed gullBlack-tailed gulls, which inhabit Kabushima Island, a national natural monument, have long been a familiar sight to people in Hachinohe. The gulls fly to the island in the spring, and by mid-May, the island becomes covered w ith tens of thousands of  these white birds as well as yellow turnip flowers.Kabushima Island is one of the few breeding  grounds for black-tailed gulls in the world to be  located near an urban area. (Designated: May 1979)

City Tree: Japanese Yew (Onko)

onkoThe Japanese yew is a tree native to Hokkaido  and Tohoku. In the Hachinohe area, the tree is  often planted in gardens and used for hedges  and alcove posts. The tree is locally called  "Onko," which is believed to be of Ainu origin.