1. Creating a Vibrant City

To create a vibrant city in which the residents would want to stay, it is important to solidify its economic infrastructure and ensure a variety of employment opportunities.

To accomplish this, we will promote the enlargement of the market for local products, encourage more use of the Port of Hachinohe which is the city's industrial and economic base, strengthen local businesses, and attract more businesses from outside. We will also promote tourism, agriculture, and fisheries, making full use of the city's unique resources. Furthermore, we will enhance the network among the administration, industry, and academia to support entrepreneurs, and enrich employment support measures to ensure a stable living environment.

medium-size squid boatMedium-size squid boat


mega solar
Tohoku Electric Power Co. Photovoltaic Power Plant "Mega Solar"

2. Creating an Attractive City

To build a city which is loved by its residents and in which they can take pride, it is important to focus on local resources and seek unique Hachinohe qualities which should be presented both locally and globally.

To do so, we will strive to revitalize the city center which is the "face" of the city. We will also promote sports, art, and cultural activities which will add richness to daily life and personality to the city. Moreover, we will strive to create an environmentally-friendly society for our children.

kodomo hacchi Children's Square in "Hacchi"


hachinohe pedestrians' paradise Hachinohe Pedestrians' Paradise


free blades Free Blades (Winner, 2009-2010 Asia League Ice Hockey Championship)


vanraure Vanraure Hachinohe FC (Winner, the 63rd Aomori Prefecture Soccer Championship, 2010)

3. Establishing a Worry-Free Community

To create a worry-free community for our residents, it is important to set up an environment where our children can grow up with healthy bodies and minds, as well as a social system in which all residents can support themselves and have something to live for. It is also essential to ensure the safety of the residents through crime and disaster prevention.

We will create systems which will provide a sense of security for all our residents and local communities, enhancing childrearing support and educational environment, encouraging social participation of the elderly and the handicapped, emphasizing prevention of nursing care need, and strengthening emergency medical services.

 Aomori Prefecture Air Ambulance Aomori Prefecture Air Ambulance


ambulance emergency response vehicle Ambulance emergency response vehicle

4. Enhancing the City's Autonomy

As we head towards an age of decentralization of power, in order for the city to develop as an autonomous body, it is important to establish a new and flexible administrative foundation which can accommodate social changes such as the declining birthrate, aging population, and transition to a mature society which seeks quality over quantity

We will strive to promote community development through collaboration between the administration and residents, encouraging diverse resident activities and vitalization of local communities. We will also work on a financial reform through active use of private resources. Furthermore, we will provide highly-satisfying services to our residents through use of information technology.