Rich Sea and Land
Frequenting the Hasshoku Center and the Morning Market

Summer is short in the North, and as if to regret it, numerous events and festivals are held, such as the Hachinohe Tanabata Festival, Tanesashi Sightseeing Festival, Minato Hakurankai, and Hachinohe Fireworks Festival; the city becomes especially charged with energy during the Hachinohe Sansha Taisai Festival, a national important intangible folk cultural property.

My wife came to Hachinohe from Tokyo one month after me in August. As she participated in the annual Bon Odori dance at the end of summer and watched the lanterns floating on the Niida River, one of the "One Hundred Scenic Sights of Hachinohe," she too became enchanted by the charm of Hachinohe. We soon started frequenting the Hasshoku Center, with about 60 stores selling fresh seafood, dry goods, fruits, etc., and the morning market held in front of Mutsu-Minato Station from 3 a.m.

  hasshoku centerHasshoku Center

In Hachinohe morning markets are held at various locations in the city, such as the Minato Yamatedori Sunday Morning Market (Yanagimachi), Minato Sunday Morning Market and Sea Morning Market (Tatehana Fishing Port), and Sunday Fresh Market (in front of Mutsu-Minato Station, first Sunday of the month from April to December).

  tatehana whart morning marketTatehana Wharf Morning Market
A Short Trip to the Tanesashi Coast

After a while, I invited my wife to go on a short trip on the JR Hachinohe Line to the Tanesashi Coast. The Hachinohe Line has 24 stations and is approximately 65km in length, which takes about 2 hours on the train from end to end. There are various scenic sights along the 30 to 40 minute train ride to the Tanesashi Coast. Some that impressed me in the Hachinohe area were Kabushima Island, Ashigezaki Observation Deck, Osukahama Beach famous for its singing sand, Shirahama Swimming Beach, Yodono Matsubara, Tanesashi Natural Lawn, Takaiwa Observation Deck, and Okuki Beach Hut (national important tangible folk cultural property).

  hachinohe lineHachinohe Line

In spring, summer, and fall, the Tanesashi Coast, also known as the Flower Coast, becomes colored with various seaside and alpine plants of the season. My wife, who loves wildflowers, especially enjoyed the view of the coast. Because of its scenic beauty, the Tanesashi Coast has been used as shooting locations for many movies and TV dramas; it is also a popular setting in art and literature.

Currently the Tanesashi Coast is designated as a national place of scenic beauty, but its precious seaside plant life and volunteer beach cleaning efforts which have continued for over 20 years have been recognized; and the coast has been selected as a candidate to become a national park, along with other well-known sights such as Matsushima in Miyagi.


tanesashi coastTanesashi Coast

Telling About the Charm of a Mountain Village Lifestyle

In addition to the sea, the mountain village lifestyle in the Nango area is another appealing aspect of Hachinohe.

In the Soba Making Course at the Mountain School, the instructor, an elderly lady, and the headmaster made me understand deeply the charm of the country, not by words, but by their way of life and philosophy which made full use of the blessings of the mountains, recycling natural materials in a sustainable manner.


lake aobaLake Aoba

As I toured around Lake Aoba, I told my wife about the great points of a rural lifestyle, such as the various courses at the Mountain School taught by local experts, facilities such as tourist farms, and community activities. And in this way, my life in Hachinohe increasingly became real.


haouseboatFall colors and houseboat at Lake Aoba