Hachinohe City Circular Community Bus Service,”Ruruppu Hachinohe”

Two Buses, the “Onde”(clockwise route) and the “Yanse”(counter-clockwise route), run along circular routes in Hachinohe City.

●Fares:130yen for the base fare and 200yen at the maximun [Inquiries] Nanbu Bus Company Hachinohe Office
TEL 0178-44-7111

Sighttseeing Bus Service, Excursion from Hachinohe to Towada Lake (with a tour guide)

Operated on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays only (until March 31,2006) Operated every day (April 1, 2006~ November 6, 2006)

The “Kassai Towadako” Bus<Course A> From Hachinohe to Towada Lake
Hachinohe LAPIA Bus Teminal-Juichinichi-machi-Hachinohe Station West Exit-Oirase Stream and Ishigado-Towada Lake (Nenokuchi)-Yasumiya

The “Kassai Towadako”Bus<Course B>From Towada Lake to Hachinohe
Yasumiya-Towada Lake(Nenokuchi)-Oirase Stream (The Great Waterfall of Choshi)-Oirase Stream (Ishigado)-Yakeyama -Hsshoku Center-Hachinohe Station West Exit-Hachinohe LAPIA Bus Terminal

[Inquiries & Reservations] Miyago Bus TEL 0178-24-6711

Regular Bus Services: The “Oirase” [between Hachinohe and Towada Lake (Time:2 hours and 20 minutes)]

From Hachinohe Station West Exit to Towada Lake
(Hachinohe Station West Exit - Towada Lake Hot Springs - Yakeyama - Ishigado - The Great Waterfall of Choshi - Nenokuchi - Utarube - People’s Inn - Kanko-dai - Towada Lake)

From Towada Lake to Hachinohe Station West Exit
(Towada Lake - Kanko-dai - People’s Inn - Utarube - Nenokuchi - The Great Waterfall of Choshi - Ishigado - Yakeyama Towada Lake Hot Springs Hachinohe Station West Exit)

●Fares form Hachinohe Station: To Towada Lake Hot Springs 1,900yen, To Nenokuchi 2,200yen, To Towada Lake 2,600yen.
* There are no bus stops between Towada Lake Hot Springs and Hachinohe Station West Exit.
[Inquiries & Reservations] JR Bus Tohoku Aomori Office TEL 017-723-1621

●For detailed information about the period of operation and schedules, please contact:
[Inquiries] JR Bus Tohoku Aomori Office TEL 017-723-1621


Hachinohe City Taxi  Association
(inside the main office of Miyago Kotsu)    0178-24-3335
Oishi Taxi    0178-45-0024
Ken-na Taxi    0178-22-1107
Kosan Taxi    0178-25-5301
Tomioka Taxi    0178-28-2341
Hachinohe Taxi    0178-22-1181
Post Paxi    0178-22-4156
Bunka Taxi    0178-22-1000
Marui Taxi    0178-45-0385
Miyago Kotsu    0178-43-0385
Hachinohe Private Taxi Association    090-2985-5247

Rent-A-Car Services

Aomori Prefecture Rent-A-Car Association    0178-739-0560
Station Rent-A-Car Hachinohe Office    0178-27-2882
1ORIX Rent-A-Car Hachinohe Station Office    0178-23-5543
Japan Rent-A-Car Hachinohe Office    0178-45-3900
Toyota Rent-A-Lease Aomori    0178-27-0100
Nissan Rent-A-Car Hachinohe Station Office    0178-23-3723
Nippon Rent-A-Car Hachinohe Station Office    0178-23-2533
Mazda Rent-A-Car Hachinohe Station Office    0178-70-2725
1Miyago Auto Lease    0178-47-0385
Honda Rent-A-Car Aomori    0178-70-2256

Toll Roads

Hachinohe Management Office of East Nippon Expressway Company    0178-27-2100
Hachinohe Expressway Tollgate    0178-27-2980


Hachinohe Police Office    0178-43-4141
Firehouse Headquarters    0178-44-2131
Hachinohe City Hosipital    0178-72-5111
Hachinohe Red Cross Hospital    0178-27-3111
Aomori Rosai Hospital    0178-33-1551
Emergency Clinic for Sudden IIInesses at Night and on Holidays    0178-22-2277

Lodging Guide

Hachinohe Inn and Hotel Association    0178-45-2861
Hachinohe Hotel Council(inside the Hachinohe Grand Hotel)    0178-46-1234