Savor the delicacies unique to the Northern land to your heart's content.

Hachinohe senbei-jiru (Nanbu cracker stew)

senbeijiruOnt of the best-known culinary specialties of Hachinohe. A stew made with fresh vegetables and Nanbu rice crackers cooked in chicken broth of fish broth. The spongy texture of rice crackers bathed in broth whets the appetite. More than 150 restaurants in Hachinohe City serve the stew.

"Abokyu" (edible chrysanthemum)

ChrysanthmumThe "Abokyu" edible chrysanthemum, this Hachinohe specialty has a sweetness of its own. It is believed that the flower will lose its sweetness if grown in lands other than Hachinohe. The chrysanthemum is saten marinated with vinegar, soy sauce and sugar, or boiled and seasoned with soy sauce.

Locally vrewed sake

SakeVintage sake made from fresh water and born out of the climate of Hachinohe are brewed by Nambu Brewers, one of the three bestknown brewer groups in Japan, and are highly valued for their refined and mellow taste.


Squid sashimi

sashimiHachinohe, known as the treasure chest of seafood, has the largest catch of squid in Japan. Sashimi made with squid fresh from the sea near Hachinohe can be enjoyed only in this port city.


Ichigo-niA local cuisine made with fresh sea urchins and abalone, this delicious soup is rich in flavors of the sea. It is called "ichigo-ni", as sea urchine look like wild strawberries in the soup with a faint milky tint.

Hachinohe ramen noodles

ra-menHachinohe ramen noodles are known for a simple soup made from soy sauce and broth taken from large quantities of dried sardines, and for thin curly noodles. Boasting a history of more than 70 years, they are reminiscent of the old times.

Nango soba (buckwheat noodles)

nango sobaNango soba are produced in the cold climate of Aomori. These handmade noodles, simple and rich in fravor, have just the right texture and taste.