Folk Handicrafts

Folk HandicraftsThere is a wide range of local textiles and handicrafts in Hachinohe, including Nanbu hand-woven textiles and Nanbu diamond-shaped embroideries that have centuries-old traditions, eboshi hats worn in Enburi dancing performed to pray for good harvests, Hachinohe pottery and tiny toy balls.

Nanbu Hachinohe senbei (rice crackers)

Nanbu Hachinohe SenbeiNanbu senbei originated in Hachinohe, which situates in the Nanbu region. The production of the rice crackers is believed to have started about 200 years ago by broiling kneaded dough from wheat or buckwheat flour. Besides the best-known sesame seeds senbei, there is an abundance of variations such as peanuts senbei or dried squid senbei.

Yawata Uma (Horse Figurines)

Yawata UmaThese local toys that have most ancient tradition in the Nanbu region, together with Miharu horse figurines of Fukushima Prefecture and Kinoshita horse figurines of Miyagi Prefecture. The gorgeous patterns painted on them are believed to represent the formal costume for horses at bridal ceremonies in Nanbu villages.