Endlessly varied coastline and lushly sparkling green mountains. Enveloped by the sea breeze as you walk, a pleasant sensation from head to foot.

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Tanesashi Coast

tanesashi natural lawn

A coastline tha stretches southeast from Kabushima Island for about 12km, there are a number of tourist spots where visitors delight in myriad sceneries with beautiful white beaches and green pine trees throughout the seasons, including the Ashigezaki Observatory, which affords an excellent view of the Pacific Ocean, Nakasuka, where the Yodo Pine Grove, where the pine grove makes an excellent contrast with the ocean, and the Tanesashi natural lawn, one that is rare in Japan and spreads to the water's edge.

Kabushima Island

kabushima islandKabushima Island is the only breeding grounds for black-tailed gulls where visitors are able to observe their nests from a close distance. It is designated as a national natural monument. From late February until around the end of August, the island reasonates with cries of more than 30,000 gulls that come to the island to breed.

Ashigezaki Observatory

ashigezakiAn observatory located on the promontory in fron of the Samekado lighthouse, it affords the most excellent view of the vast Pacific Ocean on the Tanesashi Coast. Various seaside plants glow in the fields around the observatory throughout the year. It is also a terminal point of the Tanesashi coastal promenade.

Osuka Coast

Osuka Coast

A beach with a total length of about 2km chosen an one of the "100 best beaches of Japan" in July 1996, it is known as the beach of squeaking sand, and has been used as a location for a number of movies and dramas.

A Field of Buckwheat

A Field of BuckwheatBenefiting from the cold climate, many famers grow buckwheat in the Nango District in Hachinohe City. The breed od buckwheat grown in this area (Hashikami Wase breed) is characterized by its rich, unique flavor and its firm texture. Buckwheat fields are covered with tiny white flowers of buckwheat in the middle of August every year.

Aoba Lake

lake aoba

This is the nickname of the dam lake created from the Yomasari Dam that was constructed in the Nango District. The observatory on the shore of the lake renders a view of sceneries that change with the seasons -- fresh greenery in spring and red leaves in autumn.