When the Hachinohe International Exchange and City Promotions Association (formed September, 1990) was discussing possible locations for a sister city, through the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, which had a friendly exchange relationship with Hachinohe, the Mayor of Tacoma introduced Hachinohe to a neighboring city, Federal Way in April 1992.  After exchange visits between the two cities confirming the desire to become sister cities, on August 1st, 1993, the sister city agreement was signed. Since then visits and youth exchanges between Federal Way and Hachinohe have continued.

See a history between Federal Way and Hachinohe [174KB pdfファイル] 


  • Incorporated         February, 28, 1990
  • Population            88,040 (2008)
  • Housing Units        34,738 (2006 ACS)
  • Locations               Federal Way is in Washington State, a state that is on the West Coast and shares a border with Canada.  It is situated 25 miles south of Seattle, and is adjacent to Puget Sound and the Green River Valley.  The climate, which is influenced by warm currents flowing up north, is mild all year around.  It has a Mediterranean climate: relatively mild in winter and non-damp and sunny in summer.
  • Mayor                   Jim Ferrell (From Jan. 1, 2014 to Dec. 31, 2017)

 Federal Way, Washignton, U.S.A.

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan- Regional Affairs (U.S.A)

Activities with Federal Way

Visiting Federal Way

On Monday November 8th 2010, a delegation of 8 people led by Mayor Makoto Kobayashi visited Federal Way City. They paid a courtesy call on Federal Way Mayor Linda Kochmar, and visited the city government office and Illahee Middle School, which participates in youth exchange programs with Hachinohe schools. This visitation strengthened the ties between Hachinohe and Federal Way City.


Visiting Federal Way

For 3 days from February 5th to February 7th 2008, a delegation of 20 people led by Mayor Makoto Kobayashi visited Federal Way. The delegation visited the Federal Way City Council, toured Federal Way City, and received many warm greetings at a welcome dinner hosted by the Federal Way City Government, the Sister City Association and the Chamber of Commerce, thereby strengthening the ties between the two cities. Also, there was an explanation about city development, such as urban area development plans, etc., from Mayor Jack Dovey. The current rapid growth of Federal Way was apparent.


The Mayor of Federal Way visits Hachinohe

Over a 4 day period from the 25th to the 28th of October 2006, a total of 4 people including Mayor Michael Park officially visited to Hachinohe.  The visit included a trip to a local university, the Hachinohe Food (Hashoku) Center, as well as a welcome dinner party.  The special sister city bond between Federal Way  and hachinohe was strengthened.           

Sister City High School Baseball Games

The 2nd Sister City High School Baseball Games were held in Hachinohe in June, 2005.  A total of 26 players and citizens including Mayor Dean McColgan visited Hachinohe and had games with baseball teams of Hachinohe Kosei High School, Hachinohe Kogyou High School, Hachinohe Kodaiichi High School, and Hachinohe National College of Technology School.  One of many highlights of the event was the time Federal Way students spent with their host families.  After the game, team members of both Federal Way and Hachinohe created life-long memories and friendship through school visit and the welcome dinner party.